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PCP Summer School starts early this year!

The Perth Centre for Photography Summer School starts early this year with a special one off seminar in support
of a new photography exhibition by Juha Tolonen. Summer School is a seminar series that explores the changing
landscape of photography. It includes presentations and open discussions on a range of themes that influence the
way we see and practice photography today.

Image © Juha Tolonen

Consolations of Photography - Part V
Presented by Dr. Juha Tolonen

Kurt Vonnegut once said it is art that makes the world bearable. Others have relied on religion, family, nature or even
philosophy for counsel and comfort. But, art photography, especially in the post-photography era, a period when
photography turned in on itself, is not where you would generally turn to seek consolation. Ironic distance, large-scale
spectacle and interrogation have largely been the order of the day. And people are usually more critical than celebratory
about the mass of photography they encounter in social media, where photography is often little more than a status update
flicking across a screen. Does a culture where photography is abundant and fleeting necessarily create photographs that
are superficial and shallow? Screen culture has transformed photography, but has it sacrificed quality for quantity?

This seminar will discuss ways we can negotiate this new era of photography and still create photographs that are
enduring and meaningful.

Date + time
Wednesday, 21 October 2015, 6pm

$40 members (Valid for all PCP Membership levels)
$45 students / non-members
$50 non-members

Enrolments due: 20 October 2015

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Requirements 18 yrs + an interest in photography, and a willingness to explore the 'why' of photography, rather than the 'how'. 
Refreshments available during sessions.