Mike Read, 2015 Winner

Simon Bernhardt, Judges
Commendation Award

Caroline McGrath, Student Award

Aaron Bradbrook, Finalist

Jane Finlay, Finalist

Ellen Dahl, Finalist

Samantha Hughes, Finalist 

The IRIS Award is an international prize recognising new and outstanding portraiture in photographic art. 
The criteria for selection focuses on portraits that are unique, compelling and engaging whilst maintaining 
excellence in photography.

PCP would like to congratulate and thank all the finalists and winners of the 2016 IRIS Award :

The IRIS Award 2016 Overall Winner : Chris Bowes, First Impression

($3000 cash prize) 

One of the defining characteristics of photography is its ability to immortalise a moment. This image
features a piece of butcher’s paper that has been pressed against my face. Once the photo was created
the paper was destroyed, and although the process can be repeated the same object will never be
replicated. Here the papers temporal form is preserved within the frame, and with it a trace of my
physical likeness at the moment of its creation.

- Chris Bowes

Student Award WinnerMadeline BishopLiz and Talulah

($1000 cash prize awarded by Fitzgerald Photo Imaging)

Liz and Talulah is from a two year project looking at the lives of young women living together and the
relationships that form in this environment.
Madeline Bishop

Judges Commendation Award
Matthew Abbott, Matt and Jessie 

($500 cash prize)

Young lovers, the morning after the Croydon Rodeo.
Matthew Abbott

2016 IRIS AWARD Finalists

Matthew Abbott  |  Madeline Bishop  |  Paul Blackmore  |  Claire Blankendaal  
Bowes  |  Aaron Bradbrook  |  Shannon Calcott  |  Brett Canet-Gibson  
 Clifford  |  Simon Deadman  |  Kern Hendricks  |  Bridget Hough-Neilson  
Moon Hee Kim  |  Bronek Kozka  |  Jon Lewis  |  Mia Mala McDonald & Catherine Tipping
 Meacham  |  Emma Murray  |  DeeDee Noon  |  Kellie North  |  Isabelle Osborne 
Porter  |  David Porteus  |  Marc Pricop  |  Heather Raadgever  |  Cecilia Saurí  
Still  |  Sarah Walzer  |  Laurence Watts  |  Alex Weltlinger  |  Alexandra Zhidkikh

This year's CLIP AWARD was carefully selected by :

Andy AdamsIndependent Producer + Publisher, Creator of FlakPhoto
Robert CookCurator of Contemporary Design and International, Art Gallery of Western Australia
Loren KronemyerArtist