Mike Read, 2015 Winner

Simon Bernhardt, Judges
Commendation Award

Caroline McGrath, Student Award

Aaron Bradbrook, Finalist

Jane Finlay, Finalist

Ellen Dahl, Finalist

Samantha Hughes, Finalist 

2016 IRIS AWARD Finalists

Matthew Abbott  |  Madeline Bishop  |  Paul Blackmore  |  Claire Blankendaal  
Chris Bowes  |  Aaron Bradbrook  |  
Shannon Calcott  |  Brett Canet-Gibson  
Jade Clifford  |  
Simon Deadman  |  Kern Hendricks  |  Bridget Hough-Neilson  
Moon Hee Kim  |  Bronek Kozka  |  Jon Lewis  |  Mia Mala McDonald & Catherine Tipping
Amy Meacham  |  Emma Murray  |  DeeDee Noon  |  Kellie North  |  Isabelle Osborne
Sonja Porter  |  David Porteus  |  Marc Pricop  |  
Heather Raadgever  |  Cecilia Saurí  
Tristan Still  |  Sarah Walzer  |  
Laurence Watts  |  Alex Weltlinger  |  Alexandra Zhidkikh

The Perth Centre for Photography would like to acknowledge Andy Adams from FlakPhoto
who was invited as the 2016 curatorial selector. 

Andy Adam, Flak PhotoAndy Adams​ is an independent producer + publisher
whose work explores current ideas in photography
and visual media.

He is the editor of
a website that promotes
the discovery of photographic image­ makers from
around the world. In his s
pare time he hosts the
FlakPhoto Networkan online community focused on
conversations about photo/arts culture.

Andy has featured as a panelist for many awards such
as Critical Mass and the LensCulture Exposure Awards.
He has also presented at important photography festivals
such as the FORMAT International Photography Festival
in Derby, UK and the New York Photo Festival, NY.

Find him on Instagram