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22 July – 20 August 

Mind The GapKristian Laemmle-Ruff (VIC)

Mind the Gap is a somewhat dark and politically charged meditation on the gap between Australian
cultures. It is not asking us to close the gap, to homogenise or assimilate; rather it asks us to acknowledge
the gap, nurture the gap, celebrate the diversity rather than deny its existence. It encourages us to question
and hold ourselves accountable for our actions as global citizens.

The work aims to highlight colonial mannerisms and differences between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal
ways of understanding and valuing land. Mind the Gap encourages us to imagine a future with deeper 
reconciliation and stronger acknowledgment of our true history rather than having our heads in the sand.

CorruptMike Gray (WA)

Corrupt is a series of digital photographs that have been corrupted by randomly inserting personal
confessions, computer code, and Australian popular culture references into the image when opened in a
text-based code editor. When the digital files are subsequently re-opened as images the corruption
manifests itself in unpredictable ways.

There is an element of chance in this process that is similar to the entropy found in natural systems.
In some respects, the images bring the abject (code) to the same level as the sublime (nature), the
grotesque next to the romantic. This could be seen as the two extremes of the nature / culture axis
meeting each other.

Opening night: Thursday July 21, 6.30pm 


2 September – 1 October


The IRIS Award is an international prize recognising new and outstanding portraiture in photography
based media.  
It is swiftly emerging as the world’s most unique photography award exhibition attracting 
original and conceptually driven portraiture. 

The criteria for selection focuses on portraits that are unique, compelling and engaging whilst maintaining 
excellence in photography.

Opening night: Thursday September 1, 6.30pm