31 October - 30 November

New Australian Plants and Animals

There are some introduced plants in Australia that have gone beyond adaption to rapidly evolve into new
species found only here and there is yet to be an explanation why, scientific or otherwise. This is the starting
point for Mike Gray’s latest series, ‘New Australian Plants and Animals’. He metaphorically aligns his
subject matter, the partially naturalised immigrant’s psyche, with the immeasurable effect that Terra
Australis has on introduced species.

As a way of approaching the ‘immeasurable’ Gray has created a body of multi-disciplinary works that
speculate on the unknown aesthetic that takes place inside the human eye. Through photographs,
sculptures and installations based on single element lenses the viewer is re-introduced to the fundamental,
preconscious sensation of the physical world interfacing with the physical self.

By devolving the lens to a point prior to photography’s invention Gray has created unique works that remove
the mind’s role in rendering flat, sharp perception to reveal an ‘arc of focus’ which, on different subconscious
levels, both makes sense and unsettles.

The disquiet experienced through isolating the body from the mind informs the impetus for this series; Gray's
belief that there is something about Oz that exerts itself on the partially naturalised immigrant in ways that
can’t be sensed.

Image © Rachel PapoImage © Consuelo Cavaniglia
© Rachel Papo (USA) © Connie Petrillo (AUS)            © Consuelo Cavaniglia (AUS)        © Breckon (AUS)              © Jim Naughten (UK)