4 December - 6 December

Opening night: Thursday 3 December, 6.30pm

AUTOLUMINESCENT showcases the diverse range of photographic practices from the graduating students of Curtin University's 
School of Design and Art.

Exhibition continues 4th-6th December

11 December - 20 December
Opening night: Thursday 10 December, 6.30pm 

Australian Dream Amy Carkeek

This exhibition aims to raise questions about the construction of the 'Australian dream' through consumer imagery.

Over the decades consumer imagery and commodity objects have promoted the suburban home and its iconic necessities 
as the epicenter of the 'Australian Dream'. As the west faces the economic consequences of living the good life for too long, 
everywhere we go, especially in our own homes, we are being told to consume. Nearly everywhere we look there are 
images that not only enable the consumption of goods, but powerfully facilitate the modern and more affluent dream, 
one we all feel entitled to. Australia has manufactured an illusion of cultural identity as well as individual’s social 
expectations and desires. To facilitate the growth of the façade, to feed our fetish, our consumer wants; more illusions 
must always be made and bought.

Surface Tension Scott Price

Surface Tension invites the question of what may lie between the subject and the object by intervening the very surface of the photograph.