Cristina de Middel The Afronauts

In 1964 the newly independent nation of Zambia began a space program
with the intention of putting the 
first African on the Moon. The program
was short-lived, but it reflected the excitement and ambitions of a 
country. Starting with that story, the Spanish artist, Cristina de Middel
The Afronauts, a body of photographs, drawings and related
The Afronauts is a smart and charming show. Rather than 
ridiculing Zambia’s ambitions, Middel compares them to the dreams of other
nations and peoples. She shows 
how photography promotes both
fact and fiction — and how ultimately this helped fuel the space race.

Exhibition opens Thursday, 4 February 2016, 6.30pm
Continues 5 February - 6 March

Image © Cristina de Middel, HAMBA